What a crazy 2020! Unexpected and right when things were going strong.  I’m sure like most of us, we were anticipating building on the great start we had in 2020 and making it our best year ever! I know at The Dirt we were definitely excited about or 2020 plans and had signed deals, shook hands and shared a few tee times over the future year to come. Just when you think you have it all figured out and you know what’s best..boom!! Life has other plans for us. At first we were super anxious and distressed over the sudden halt in business and everyday routines; In limbo for sure lol, but soon we gave in to the obvious reality and decided to take a new approach. We let go of our plans and started focusing on out time together at home. Our time without work related activities. We found ourselves finding new ways to get to know each other and look at what is really important in our lives. It forced us to look at our issues, the things we avoid by going to work and gave us time to reflect on our life goals. What really makes us happy, what we are tired of doing and what we really want to do.  I think for most of us it has been the first time in our lives that we were forced to be home from work (not all of us obviously) and forced us to look at ourselves and who we have become, who we want to be and if we are doing what makes us happy. It has been a time to reconnect with our significant others, children and most importantly with ourselves. I feel like with the end of 2020 and the new year upon us, it is a fresh start. A year we can be little more clear about what is important and what is not.  I personally decided to take a social media break for most of 2020. I primarily use FB and Insta for The Dirt Racing related posts and updates and I did check in now and again but for the most part decided to give it a rest.  It was a great way to stay focused on my wife, family and loved ones. It was a refreshing break and now we are back 🙂

Although 2020 was a stay at home year with minimal races and gatherings, we were grateful to stay busy! We were able to have a successful 21st annual DNC (before the shutdown), a successful Buggymania event in Miami (before the shutdown) and were able to build 11 different tracks around the US! We were able to do some Zoom consulting, race track drawing designs for US and overseas customers and met some amazing new people along the way! Thank you!

With all of that said, we are super excited to head into 2021 with a new era of The Dirt Racing and it’s races!! The 22nd annul Dirt Nitro Challenge will be hosted by the world famous Thunder Alley Raceway in Southern California for the fist time!! The facility is super pumped to have us and is ready to work with us to make it a world class event! We will have the fields above the track for manufacturers row, team pitting and spectating. Tons of RV parking/camping.  The spaces with hookups have sold out but there are unlimited dry camping spots available just like we used to do at Fear Farm! So bring your RV and get ready to race. For the first time ever, we will be hosting a DNC warm up race I call “The Dirt Nitro Easy”.  It will have a brand new layout just for the race toned down a tiny bit from the DNC planned design 🙂 Friday practice with Sat and Sun race. Jimmy B will be directing and The Dirt Crew will be keeping it smooth 🙂 $50.00 Sign ups taken on race day if needed. Click the link below for race info!

DNC Warm UP_ https://thedirt.us/shop/race-registration/2021-nitro-challenge-warmup/

DNC _https://thedirt.us/shop/race-registration/2021-nitro-challenge-registration/

The tough part of 2020 was the postponing and eventually canceling the Silver State Indoor Championships. What a let down. We had invested a good amount in preparing for the event and paid deposits etc. Obviously it was the right thing to do and we did what we had to. Thank you to all of those who pre entered and have waited to apply your entry to the new 2021 event! We truly appreciate your patience. The Las Vegas South Point Hotel and Casino is so ready for us to come and race again!!! We have signed our contract and the flyer is on their website!! I think it will be the biggest indoor offroad race yet!!! We have tons of entries so far and it’s looking to be super fun. Some racers run this schedule example A:  Wrench track side indoor, nap in the room upstairs real quick, check the heats and live coverage from you hotel room tv, go downstairs to hit the craps table, take a quick swim in the pool, grab some steak and shake and then go run your qualifier, repeat!! Click the link below for Silver State race info! We are also having a Silver State Warm up race called Buggyland held at Thunder Alley the weekend before Silver State ! Click the link below for more info.

Silver State Warm Up_https://thedirt.us/shop/race-registration/2021-buggyland-silver-state-warmup/

Silver State_https://thedirt.us/shop/race-registration/2021-silver-state/

I know I’ve said a bunch but I wanted to catch everyone up.  On a personal note, my wife and I moved, we are expecting a baby girl in May, and we have refocused on family and what is important for us.  I hope that the 2020 year has had some positive affect on you one way or another.  We are a close knit RC community and I am grateful to be a part of it for the last 22 years.  Without you, I would not be able to build tracks for us to race on or put on events for you and the RC community and  ultimately provide for my family!   I hope that together we can refocus on having fun with our friends and competitors and let go of the small stuff. Let’s make 2021 a new era in RC car racing and show the world how cool and fun it really is.

My family and the Dirt Crew thank you for coming to the races and supporting our efforts, we can’t thank you enough. We look forward to seeing you at the races!




Joey and The Dirt Crew

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