Dry camping. There is a little confusion as to where we are putting dry camping. When we first started booking camping spots for the race, the park did not realize how big the event was going to be and how many people camp. They wanted all of the camping to be in the rv area as they always have. As time the race gets closer and they see all of the spots are booked and now there is an overflow of camping the are not only impressed but willing to let me park dry campers where I see fit. They have been extremely accommodating and willing to help make this a great venue for you racers. So, I will be putting some dry campers over by the horse arena in the dirt parking lot and some in the back of the grass field. Both locations are an equal distance to the track. Very important: ALL campers and R/V’s will have to show proof of paid camp fees (dry camp is $20.00 per night) either through your email receipt from the park or you have to pay when you arrive (see Joey or park office).  Any campers or R/V’s that are not paid and stay the night will not be allowed and asked to leave by park security. Please get paid up! Happy camping!!!

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