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Come Drive With Us – The Nitro Challenge

Together with Pro-Line Racing we continue our theme of “the bucket list races” and find ourselves at the 15th running of “The Dirt” Nitro Challenge!

With nearly 900 entries, this is one of the worlds most attended R/C Races. The prestige of this race is only overshadowed by the unpredictable weather that has an uncanny knack of following Joey Christensen, the promoter of this event. Joey began this event, one of the first of it’s kind, 15 years ago in Hemet California. After a successful fun on the West Coast, this event found a new home in the Phoenix area. After a successful run @ the Nitro-Pit this race has been held at the Fear Farm R/C Raceway for the past 2 years. Racers from around the world flock to this event to experience the fast, flowing, difficult layouts that Joey and his crew put together.

“Come Drive With Us – The Nitro Challenge” focuses on Adam Drake, one of the most recognized and well liked R/C Racers in the world. We also continue our focus on young guns Ty Tessmann & Dakotah Phend.

Narrated again by Howie Miller, one of Canada’s TOP stand up comics, this episode of “Come Drive With Us” will not disappoint!

Special Thanks go out to both Adam & Ronda Drake, the Phend family, as well as the Tessmann’s for allowing us to document their experiences at this event! Last, but not least, we would like to thank Pro-Line for sponsoring this episode. Without their support we couldn’t bring you this story!

VIDEO BY 5150 Media Productions