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2016 DNC recap!

By February 29, 2016Nitro Challenge
I thought I would give a recap of my own this year for the 2016 DNC.  I have never done it before and after reading all of the great reviews I thought maybe I would as well 🙂
I can remember 17 years ago when my Dad and I (Bear was his name) got into R/C cars and how excited we were.  It was so amazing the technology in the cars and how competitive the racing scene was.  It was so cool.  I was able to have my very own track in Hemet soon after and I named it The Dirt.  We had a handfull of regular racers and we were ready to make some jumps and get busyand have some fun!  With my shovel and rake and old worn out rototiller we went at it.  Soon, all of the big named 1/8th racers were there every weekend and suggested that I put on a big event! So we held the 1st annual (inaugural) The Dirt Nitro Challenge in 2000! With 111 entries, probably 50 guys racing a few classes, it was the coolest thing for me.  The joy in creating something fun and cool for racers was the best feeling in the world.  Now, 17 years later the feeling is almost the same…the only difference is it’s better!!!!!  It has been so challenging for the Dirt Crew to put on one of the largest off road races in the world in a facility that has no water or electricity!! lol..but we find a way to make it happen and keep that same spirit of the very first race going strong.  This is more of a thank you than a recap I suppose.  I want to thank all of the racers who put their trust in us each year.  Take vacations and put aside family and work to come race with us.  It is a crazy feeling and there’s a ton of pressure to make sure your money and time are well spent.  It is important to us to provide a fun, competitive race and facilitate all of the needs of the racers, venue and everything else that comes up.  Thank you for your support of The Dirt Racing and The Nitro Challenge.  It’s a dream for us to be able to put together and witness the best racing this planet has to offer!!  We look forward to another epic race in 2017 and hope you all have great racing memories of the DNC.
I would like to thank Aaron Webb, my best friend.  He takes time off from his normal job (as an electrical contractor) to spend a month in Phoenix with me and works his butt off the entire time.  He puts up with the craziness that I throw at him with a smile and makes it happen. He is the most positive, upbeat individual I have ever met..we would probably get more work done if we weren’t laughing so much! Thank you buddy.  To Kenny Brosh and his awesome wife Jess.  They offer their beautiful clean home to a couple of dirty track workers for 3 weeks!  Kenny’s parents feed us and help make our stay so welcoming and treat us like family.  Kenny puts in countless hours late at night to tie up and continue his normal job so he can help with the race. Kenny has a passion for racing that is addicting.  He has such a level head and is a person who sees the good in everything.  He’s an inspiration to me and a great friend as well.  He does so much behind the scenes with his wife and parents to make the DNC a successful event…Thank you Kenny, Jess and MR. and Mr. Brosh.
To Jimmy Babcock, thank you for setting aside time and your comfort zone to be a integral part of this event.  You are so organized, prepared and professional..it’s awesome and a testament to your huge following with the JBRL and your loyal racers.  I know it’s not easy to be a part of my methods and style, but I truley appreciate your willingness to go along for the ride and add your style to make it successful.  Thank you Jimmy.  To Kevin Kilday, you take vacation every year to come help us.  You have been the banner and track presentation expert for the past 6 or more years.  You are the guy that sees what we need and gets it handled.  You are there early and stay late…bring waters and help in the booth..whatever it is, you make sure its addressed.  Thank you Kevin.  To The Kilday girls Suzanne and Sabrina.  You guys come every year at 6 am and help with sign ups, booth set up, t-shirt distribution and Dirt booth staff.  Not only do you do that, you make is dinner, make us cookies and brownies and you always have a smile and a happy uplifting attitude.  Thank you girls for all you do. To Sean the Local hard working, smiling, laughing friend that comes every day is up for whatever the job requires..thank you man. To the Dirt girls, Frances, Lauren and Lindsey..thank you for taking time to come hang out with the DNC crowd and have fun with us.  You guys bring a friendly fun vibe to the race and I really appreciate it.  You guys know the racers and take time talk shop and be a part of the race outside of just a pretty face for the pictures.  Thank you girls. To the AZRCR crew, Bill, Tim, Chris, and the rest of the club, thank you for allowing us to come into your home track and put on this event.  I know it’s not easy and I appreciate you guys working with us to help make a great event.  Thank you.  To The owners of Fear Farm Robert and Ken, thank you for helping us facilitate this event!  You guys help us put out fires, make sure we are keeping fire lanes, watering the grounds, and overseeing the big picture to help make it successful…thank you. To the flitefactory.com guys Dustin and Nicco, thank you for teaming up with me to put on the largest FPV drone event in the USA!! It was a great success and look forward to our next project! To Greg Antil for the last minute printing and awards..everything came out perfect!!  To our event sponsors year after year, Proline, Up Grade RC (all of the DNC fliers and graphic design), Team Associated, Hitec, Xray, Flitefactory.com, Novarossi, Nitro Pro fuel, Hobbico, Mikes discount motors, Team Chase, Big D’s RC, Mugen Seikki, Quicks rc, Mattox designs, Tim Sieger at Ultimate Design for banner printing.  Thank you all.  And finally, again,  THANK YOU to all who have supported The Dirt Racing and the DNC over the years..we will keep giving it our all and strive to make it better ea year as long as you guys keep coming to race!!!!!  We are preparing now for next years event with excitement and a passion to bring you all the best nitro race on the planet…The 2017 DNC!!!!



Joey Christensen
TheDirt Racing Inc.