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Hi everyone,

As you all can see on the news and social media. Southern California (along with tons of other areas) have been hit by massive storms. They are now called “atmospheric rivers” and they have been relentless.   It rained a week before I was able to occupy the fairgrounds the 9th, and has rained ever since! The flooding has basically made our proposed track area non useable.  The good news is there is a spot right next to it where I was originally going to build the 1/5th scale track that is available.  It is on a raised up pad of dirt.  It is not flooded and I can build a track there for sure!  It is smaller that the original area but I think we can make an awesome race track. We will have to move the drivers stand, move conexes, put up new fencing and rent lights etc.  but I  think it will still be suitable for the DNC!  The parking/rv dry camping is a parking lot similar to the Fear Farm parking lot but it is asphalt and not muddy.  The rv spots that have electricity and water are on a grass area and should be ok come Tuesday, if not we can park you on the asphalt as well.  The Manufacturers row/pit area is also right next to the track and is dry and asphalt too!! No dirt or mud.  Right next to that is covered pits with electricity and light, you need to bring tables and chairs. So with all of that said, we have a ton of work to do in the next 5 days!! Levi Jackson is going to come out and help me move dirt!!! We have a good crew working on the rest to help make it all happen.  Jimmy Babcock will have the current entries posted online in the next day or 2 so make sure you are on there and your info is correct!  If you are planning on coming to race, please get signed up as we will be pressed for time come Wednesday morning as we start practice at 8am!! So sign up before then please. Tuesday at the track will work too.
We would like to say thank you for the support and patience, some info has been hard to find but it has been because of all of the flooding and we have not been 100% sure on a lot of things. Mother Nature has a mind of her own lol. The forecast looks pretty good for the race week.  If we need to make adjustments because of rain we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Thank you all again, and we look forward to racing with you at this years 20th annual Dirt Nitro Challenge!!!!

The Dirt Crew 

This is a photo of the original track area as of Thursday! We have already pumped all of the water off twice. This is after the last big 2 day flash flood. Massive arena completely under water almost to the top of Aaron’s boots.  So, we are moving the track to the spot next to it!!! 🙂

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