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New drivers stand arrives for Day 1 of the 2k19 DNC build!!

We are excited to get the long awaited delivery of the new 40′ container that will be welded into out new drivers stand!  As this is a build from scratch event this year and our rental of the property did not start until today, we have a ton of work to accomplish in a very short time!  As tradition would have it, we have received a ton of rain here in Southern California over the past week.  The new facility is definitely soaked and muddy.  We have to bring in dirt for the new track and have to sort out the “digging for dry dirt” to work with.  We will be digging into the giant dirt landing that was used by Travis Pastrana during his jump practice for his Las Vegas Evel Knievel jump at Caesars Palace.  Before that it was used by the Star West MX track at the fairgrounds.  I will be posting photos of the dirt once we get it onto the track area and have an idea what it looks like!! I will be posting updates all week of our progress.  It is a new venue for us too and we are figuring things out ea day. We look forward to making this an awesome event and look forward to seeing everyone “back in Cali” for the 20th annual DNC event!!

Cheers,  The Dirt Crew

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