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Exciting news!!! We are teaming up with one of the best races in Spain, Buggyland and bringing it to So Cal!!!!

The Dirt Racing and Buggyland are teaming up to bring one of the best European races to America, Thunder Alley to be exact!  This coming November, Thunder Alley will be hosting the first ever “The Dirt/Buggyland Challenge!”   The event will be held November 22-24 2019. TheDirt Racing will build a brand new track and a few extra surprises 🙂 Buggyland has been a premier offload event in Madrid Spain since 2014. Please check out the Buggyland social media at insta: _buggyland_ . The founder is Miguelo Rodriguez who is an awesome guy that absolutely loves R/C racing and is CRAZY about it.  It’s his dream to come to the USA and team up with TheDirt to put on an event.  I hope we can show him how much fun racing in So Cal really is!

We look forward to bringing some new excitement and Spanish style to the SoCal racing scene 🙂

Sign ups are now open at www.thedirt.us

You can email any questions to thedirtracing@aol.com.

Cheers, TheDirt Crew/Buggyland

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