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Thank you for making the 2020 DNC one of the best ever!!!

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After the dust and rain have settled, it’s awesome to look back on the past month with a great feeling of hard work and a successful racing event! It take s tons of planning and preparation to put on big race events and you have to leave room for so many unexpected random variables that get thrown into the mix. I am grateful to have such a talented group of people on The Dirt team, creating a smooth flowing machine that helps make what the DNC has become today! There are too many to list but you know who you are and I want to thank you for your time and effort and putting up with the circus like atmosphere that is The DNC! The 21st annual event was a success because of all of you. Thank you to all of the racers who come from countries all over the world (there were 45 countries represented this year, Scotty Ernst researched it!) for the week in Southern California to race with us!! It was some of the best racing we have seen..ever!! It was amazing and it keeps us doing what we do and striving to make it better ea year. Thank you!

Here are some of my personal notes, thoughts and highlights from this years DNC:

I feel like the rain follows me 🙂

The skill level of the top pros is absolutely amazing.

Seth Van D, his Dad and his GF Maddison were a big help on rain day.  Thank you.

Being able to bring together industry icons is a goal of mine. Unite our racing community. Scotty Ernst, Jimmy Babcock, Kenny Brosh..really cool. Levi Jackson and myself building together. All of the race teams in MFR row, all of the different podcasters, Chris from Circus rc https://galerie.circusrc.com/, Brandon and his team from Live rc https://www.liverc.com/photos/albums/169-2020_The_Dirt_Nitro_Challenge/, Steve Burgess from Rugspin Graphix https://www.rugspingraphix.com/RC-Racing/2020-RC-Season/2020-DNC/i-tspxQQd/A, RC company bosses from Proline, Hot Race, Horizon, Gil Losi SR and JR, Todd Hodge, Joel Johnson, Daniel and Matt from Tekno, Jason Rouna from J Concepts and many more. Awesome to see everyone together..Racing!

Jared Tebo has spent the last 21 birthdays at the DNC.

Jay Smoker has attended every DNC…ridiculous.

Seeing all of the familiar faces over the 21 years of the DNC is priceless, I’m grateful for our friendships, even if we see each other once a year lol.

Collecting for the camping fees is not that awesome. I have to pay it to the Fair and if racers short me, I have to pay the difference 🙁 and I did.

Collecting for the test and tune track is not that fun either lol. I have to rent the pad of dirt,  rent the bobcat, build the track, fencing, pipes, stakes etc etc. Having racers use it and not pay is awkward lol.  I will have a different system next year 🙂 I keep a record of EVEY racer who uses it, you would be amazed at how it plays out. I pick my battles. I have a good memory 🙂

We have some great ideas for next years event!! Good feedback from racers and great, fun ideas!

No matter how much you pack sandy dirt, it will come apart. I can have 800 + entries at the Fear Farm track (high clay content, no sand) and not have to maintenance the track once throughout the week!!! AND, the fastest lap times were in the mains on Sunday..fact!  The So Cal Fairgrounds dirt is high in sand content and comes apart no matter what, just like the Vegas dirt. That’s why it’s off road 🙂

I will be expanding the track a little for the next event there (July 31, Aug 1,3rd 2020). THE USPROCUP FINALS!

I am headed to Miami on Sunday to start the build at Mills Pond RC Raceway for the 1st ever Buggymania presented by Dirtland Factory (Myself and Miguelo from Buggyland fame in Madrid)


Thank you again to everyone who participated in some capacity at this years DNC, I look forward to a great year of racing and wish you all safe travels, fun racing, and great memories.



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