Feb 17-21, 2021

Important Info

Welcome racers!! I will be posting new DNC information to keep everyone informed on the up to date race info! Check back daily to be up to speed on the DNC 2021!

  1. The cut-off for the free event t-shit will be Wed the 10th. We will have a list at the Dirt Booth that has all drivers who entered by the cut-off. Limit one shirt per driver.
  2. The cut-off for the pit container rental will end Wed the 10th. We have to have time to get ht em delivered and set up by Friday. They are off weekends and Monday is a holiday. Tuesday it’s on!!! lol
  3. If you are planning on camping at the track you need to call the Noble Creek Park office and reserve a spot. There are unlimited DRY camping spots left at $20.00 per night payable to the Park. They are strict about the camping and expect anyone who is staying to be registered and paid. Office # is (951)-845-9555
  4. Noble Creek Park has a noise curfew and we have to finish ea day by a certain time. To ensure our timely finish we have a certain number of heats that will fit in a day. If the number of heats gets filled then we will cut-off entries until ea heat has 12 racers. So, that means it’s best to sign up early online here on this site under DNC. It is possible that on race day the entries will be full.
  5. Pit trailers! I will post on here tomorrow about where we will be parking them!
  6. Covid protocol. We will be encouraging all attendees to wear proper face coverings while inside the gated track area and immediate surroundings. The Park will be posting signs and our staff will be there to help and if you need a mask we will provide them. It is important that we are as safe as we can be and race together at the same time. It is a great thing to be able to race this year and we want to keep the momentum going! Please help to make this happen!
  7. More info to come! If you have questions please e-mail to thedirtracing@aol.com
  8. Pit trailers will be parked in a few places, first come first serve. First place will be next to the horse arena.  Next spot will be on the grass towards the back behind manufacturers row. Both spots have no power so you will need a generator.
  9. Dry camping spots are unlimited availability. There are also a few places for dry camping (no hook-ups). Fist place are the registered spots in the rv area. Next is just past the rv area. Final spot will be on the grass area behind the manufacturers row. All dry camping is required by the park to pay $20.00 per night to camp. Please call the park office to sign up for a spot. Park security will be asking for registration receipts for proof of payment.
  10. More to come tomorrow!
  11. Camping and dry camping. There is a little confusion as to where we are putting dry camping. When we first started booking camping spots for the race, the park did not realize how big the event was going to be and how many people camp. They wanted all of the camping to be in the rv area as they always have. As time the race gets closer and they see all of the spots are booked and now there is an overflow of camping the are not only impressed but willing to let me park dry campers where I see fit. They have been extremely accommodating and willing to help make this a great venue for you racers. So, I will be putting some dry campers over by the horse arena in the dirt parking lot and some in the back of the grass field. Both locations are an equal distance to the track. Very important: ALL campers and R/V’s will have to show proof of paid camp fees (dry camp is $20.00 per night) either through your email receipt from the park or you have to pay when you arrive (see Joey or park office).  Any campers or R/V’s that are not paid and stay the night will not be allowed and asked to leave by park security. Please get paid up! Happy camping!!!


  • 1:8 Nitro Buggy
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • Pro
    • 40+
  • 1:8 Electric Buggy
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • Pro
    • 40+
  • 1:8 Nitro Truck
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • Pro
    • 40+
  • 1:8 Electric Truck
    • Open
    • Pro


  • Wed 17th – Practice 2 rounds 8am to finish
  • Thurs 18th –  8am Start: Nitro Truck and Electric Buggy qualifying 3 rounds
  • Fri 19th – 8am Start: Nitro Buggy qualifying 3 rounds
  • Sat 20th –  8am Start:  Nitro Truck and Electric Buggy mains.
  • Saturday Night: Drivers social 21 and over!
  • Sun 21st –  8am Start: Nitro Buggy Mains


Thunder Alley RC Raceway
390 Oak Valley Parkway
Beaumont, California
92223 United States


Info coming soon

All race entry sales are final, no refunds.