Feb 22-26, 2023

Important Info

It’s DNC time!! I will post up to date info here so check back regularly!

Update 2/20/23

Happy Monday racers! We have a few race updates:


The weather forecast looks like rain this week. It is possible it rains Thursday thru Sunday. The DNC is a rain or shine event and we will do our best to remove/pump/drain/bucket  etc. the standing water off of the race track to keep the track ready to race. We need to make sure it is safe for the marshals as well. Wednesday looks to be mostly a “no rain” day with possible showers late in the evening. If we are only able to get Wednesday in for practice, we will use the timed practice heats to determine a winner if there are no other available race days.  We will keep you informed as to how the practice day will go and how the timing for practice will work. Be prepared to be on your A-Game for practice!! For any outdoor sporting event, the hope if for good weather but mother nature has her own agenda…She usually has some interesting weather around DNC time and this year is no exception lol. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a shift in weather, but be prepared for a rainy week. A positive attitude and a smile keeps the morale up and brightens your day and those around you even if it’s rainy!!! 

The Dirt booth will have Jackets (also a limited # of electric jackets), sweatshirts, beanies etc. for sale  to help keep warm!


Sing ups are available at the track Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Please see Jimmy Babcock in the scoring and timing tower at the track. The online sign ups are closed but sign ups are still OPEN at the track.

RV Camping

RV camping is available at the track. It is $20 per night for dry camping and $40 per night with power. Please pay any of The Dirt crew when you arrive. You can also pay for camping in timing and scoring. You will receive a wristband to hand on your RV entry handle or rear view mirror to indicate you have paid.

Pit Containers

If you rented a Pit Container online, we will have your name on the front of your container on Tuesday morning. Power will be available Tuesday around noon for the containers.


Update 2/13/23

Class updates:

Pro Class or 40+

If you are a Pro driver and are 40 yrs old or more, you have to choose between 40+ class, and the Pro class. You cannot enter both.

Event update!:

For the first time the DNC will have an official Referee team in place. It will be a crew of referees working together to help call rough driving and keep the racing fair and respectful. I realize it has been much needed and we now have a great team in place to facilitate this huge task!! As with any racing organization, sporting event or competition, there is no way to have a flawless system. We make errors and that is the nature of human involvement. Our goal is to help offer a fair and competitive racing environment to all that enter The Dirt Racing events. Once a call is made it is not reversible. Just as in Football or Soccer etc. you cannot go backwards and redo races, change times etc. If you are called for rough driving and assessed a penalty, you must take it and move forward. Failure to do so will be cause for disqualification. We will not tolerate any disrespect, aggressive language, threatening behavior, failure to comply with the race officials direction etc. We are here to provide competitive racing with respect to you as a racer and we expect the same in return. As a reminder, we have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated. It will result in you being asked to leave the facility and forfeit the event. No money will be returned. Any group or individual refusing to cooperate will be escorted by law enforcement off of the premises. We do not foresee this happening, but we have it in place if needed. We have had to do this in the past and will do so again if necessary.

We are super excited about the new official race referee staff and think it will up the standard for this and future events!!!

Thank you,

The Dirt Crew


Update 2/7/23

We will be enforcing new updated class rules for the 2023 race season for DNC, Silver State, Lonestar Challenge and Visions.

Sportsman Class Rules:

*A racer is eligible to enter the Sportsman class is you have 0% car manufacturer sponsorship.

*if you are a sportsman class driver and any of your qualifying times are in the top 15 of the Intermediate class, you must move into the Intermediate class for the event and any further “TheDirt” events.

* if you enter into the sportsman class and you do have a sponsorship from a car manufacturer, you will be banned from the remaining “TheDirt” events for that year.

Intermediate Class Rules:

*if you have a 1% to 99% car manufacturer sponsorship at anytime during the racing year, you must race in the intermediate class.

*if you are an Intermediate driver and any of your qualifying times are in the top 20 of the pro class, you must move into the Pro class for the event and any further “TheDirt” events for the year.

*if you have had a 100% car manufacturer sponsorship in the race year and you drop down in your sponsorship for the race you will be disqualified and banned from ‘The Dirt” events for the year.

Pro Class Rules:

*if you have a 100% car manufacturer sponsorship you must enter in the Pro class.

*if you have ever been a paid driver for a car manufacturer you must enter in the Pro class.

*if you have EVER made the A-Main at the DNC or Silver State you must enter in the Pro class.

*if you have ever won the 1/8th scale IFMAR Fuel World Championships you must enter in the Pro class.

*if you are in the Intermediate class and have a qualifying time that puts you in the top 20 of the Pro A-Main you must move into the Pro class.


These rules are made to help provide a competitive racing environment and meant to keep racers from competing in classes they are too skilled for.

Side note: If you are upset about these rules then it is possible YOU have been racing in the wrong class and it’s time to move up a class 🙂



  • 1:8 Nitro Buggy
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • Pro
    • 40+
    • 50+
  • 1:8 Electric Buggy
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • Pro
    • 40+
  • 1:8 Nitro Truck
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • Pro
    • 40+
  • 1:8 Electric Truck
    • Sportsman
    • Intermediate
    • 40+
    • Pro


  • Wed Feb 22 – Practice 2 rounds 8am to finish
  • Thurs Feb 23 –  8am Start: Nitro Truck and Electric Buggy qualifying 3 rounds
  • Fri Feb 24 – 8am Start: Nitro Buggy and Electric Truck 3 rounds
  • Sat Feb 25 –  8am Start:  Nitro Truck and Electric Buggy mains.
  • Saturday Night: Drivers social 21 and over!
  • Sun Feb 26 –  8am Start: Nitro Buggy and Electric Truck Mains


Perris Fairgrounds
18700 Lake Perris Drive
Perris, CA 92571


The host hotel for the 2023 DNC is the Red Lion Inn & Suites in Perris CA. To get the "DNC discount" you have to call directly (registering online will not get you the discount room rate).
The number to call for the discount rate is 951-943-5577. Be sure to mention "The DNC" or "The Nitro Challenge rc car race".

All race entry sales are final, no refunds.